Emscote Infant School - All Saints Road - Warwick - CV34 5NH
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Who's who


Mrs Cossins
Executive Headteacher

Likes: Visiting interesting places, having a laugh

Dislikes: People without a sense of humour

Claim to fame: Martin Johnson’s mum taught me PE at school



Mr Queralt
Associate Headeacher

Likes: Cricket, canoeing and poached egg and marmite sandwiches

Dislikes: Cats

Claim to fame: I have hairy toes



Mrs Lynch

Business Manager


Likes:  Trips to the theatre, cheese, having a lie-in


Dislikes:  Rain, spiders, bad manners


Claim to fame:  My face is on the cover of the CD single Looking As You Are by Embrace




Mrs Harvey

Likes: Motorbikes, Turkish delight, Hugh Laurie, loud teenage music, lie-ins

Dislikes: Being a grown up, bad manners, people sniffing

Claim to fame: I have dined with the Queen’s nephew, Viscount Linley



Mrs Baker

Administrative Assistant


Likes: Sewing, chocolate, flowers


Dislikes: Mushrooms, bad manners


Claim to fame: When I worked at a petrol station I served HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Robert Mugabe




Miss Ashfield

Teacher - Willow Class and Senior Teacher


Likes:  Chocolate, cuddles, Marmite sandwiches, Autumn mornings


Dislikes:  Being cold, bananas, scary movies


Claim to fame:  I have a sausage dog




Mrs Smith

Teacher - Chestnut Class


Likes: Jaffa cakes, long walks on the beach


Dislikes: Slugs, frogs, grumpiness


Claim to fame:  Once, at an event, I chatted to and had to make small talk with Henry Kissinger.  And, I’m taller than he is!




Miss Wright

Teacher - Cherry Class


Likes: Scotland, singing and sunshine


Dislikes: Scary films and spiders


Claim to fame: On my 10th birthday I met Quentin Blake and presented Princess Anne with a bouquet of flowers


Mrs Vallins

Teacher - Chestnut Class


Likes:  Beach huts, Great British Bake Off, hot sunny days


Dislikes:  Rain, sad faces, creepy crawlies


Claim to fame: I have played headers with Kevin Keegan




Mrs Madagan
Teacher - Oak Class

Likes: Nicholas Lyndhurst, Denzel Washington, Coronation Street

Dislikes: Anything that slithers (including jelly!), exercise

Claim to fame: While working at the England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon I thought Ivan Lendl was a colleague queue barging so I told him to get in line like everyone else



Mrs Stephenson
Teacher - Oak Class

Likes: Jelly sweets, painted toenails and summer

Dislikes: Broad beans, scouring pads and shopping for clothes

Claim to fame: Michael Caine made me a cup of tea in his house




Mr Hussey

Teacher - Apple Class


Likes:  Badminton, Aston Villa, music


Dislikes:  Mushrooms, tidying up


Claim to fame:  I was once in an episode of Time Team





Miss Johnson
Teacher - Holly Class and Senior Teacher

Likes: Reading , singing, dancing, Richard Gere

Dislikes: Rudeness

Claim to fame: I served Hilda Ogden when I was working in Richards



Mrs Fawbert

Teacher - Sycamore Class


Likes: Sewing, chocolate, spending time with my family and friends


Dislikes: Too much talk on the radio


Claim to fame: My dad met the queen and I went to watch



Mrs Constable

Teacher - Sycamore Class


Likes:  Reading, spiders, swimming, Chinese food and sewing


Dislikes:  Snakes, being cold and brussels sprouts


Claim to fame:  I did some synchronised swimming with Sharon Davies




Miss Letchford

Teacher - Maple Class


Likes: Being warm and laughing


Dislikes:  Dogs and mushrooms


Claim to fame:  I have run two half marathons... which is technically a whole marathon!




Mrs Morgan
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Reading , knitting

Dislikes: Lemon meringue pie

Claim to fame:



Mrs Cuthbertson:
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Cooking, eating out with family

Dislikes: Bad manners

Claim to fame: I was taught French by Trevor Eve's mum



Mrs Dawe
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Gardening, reading, walking

Dislikes: Bad manners, swede

Claim to fame: I ran the 100 yards sprint for Warwickshire when I was in year 5



Mrs Hinks
Teaching Assistant

Likes: The seaside, gardens, taking photos

Dislikes: Baked beans, having cold feet

Claim to fame: I sat next to Geoff Capes and shook Glen Ross’s hand – they have both been Britain’s Strongest Man



Miss McLean
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Music, Sawyer from Lost, Matthew McConaghey, crisps

Dislikes: Mashed potato, moths, untidiness

Claim to fame: My parents worked at the Triumph factory and made parts for the motorbike Steve McQueen rode in The Great Escape, and met him when he came in person to collect the bike



Mrs Ormandy
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Laughing, having fun, dancing, 80’s pop music, rose wine, dolphin watching in Scotland

Dislikes: Bad manners, rudeness, bad drivers and seafood

Claim to fame: I saw the space shuttle launch from the Space Centre in Florida in 1994



Miss Painter
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Reading , listening to music, swimming

Dislikes: Fish

Claim to fame: I saw Geoffrey from Rainbow in Tesco



Mrs Sorrell
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Cornwall, country walks, cooking

Dislikes: Busy shops, scary movies

Claim to fame: I am a teeny weenie bit related to Jason Orange from Take That



Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Gardening, cooking, reading, listening to music

Dislikes: Spiders, tomato soup

Claim to fame: I kissed Rod Stewart backstage after a concert in 1983



Mrs Saxunova

Teaching Assistant


Likes: Life and knowledge, baking, roses, thunder


Dislikes: Negativity, spite, litter


Claim to fame: I have visited 18 countries


Mrs Vural

Teaching Assistant


Likes: Honesty, flowers, chocolate


Dislikes: Rude people, bees and wasps


Claim to fame: I can say "hello" in 10 languages




Mrs Hudson

Teaching Assistant


Likes: Swimming, dancing, singing and sweets


Dislikes: Liver and bad manners


Claim to fame: I played the national anthem with a brass band on TV for Dickinson's Real Deal




Mrs Brown

Teaching Assistant


Likes: Music, family hoildays, giggling and eating out


Dislikes: Loose buttons, safety pins, gherkins and three-pronged forks


Claim to fame: I saw David Bowie perfom his last UK live performance at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2004




Mrs Jones

Senior Midday Supervisor


Likes: The seaside, baking and singing


Dislikes: Rats


Claim to fame: I met Bono from U2 in Anchorage Airport



Emscote Infant