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Who's who


Mrs Cossins
Executive Headteacher

Likes: Visiting interesting places, having a laugh

Dislikes: People without a sense of humour

Claim to fame: Martin Johnson’s mum taught me PE at school



Mr Queralt
Associate Headeacher

Likes: Cricket, canoeing and poached egg and marmite sandwiches

Dislikes: Cats

Claim to fame: I have hairy toes




Mrs Ferries

Business Manager






Claim to fame: 




Mr Clarke

Likes: Sport, Outdoors, DIY, Gardening

Dislikes: People being negative

Claim to fame: I have run 5 London Marathons raising over £6,000 for the charity VICTA (Visually Impaired Children Taking Action)


Mrs Baker



Likes: Sewing, chocolate, flowers


Dislikes: Mushrooms, bad manners


Claim to fame: When I worked at a petrol station I served HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Robert Mugabe



Mrs Sargeant

Administrative Assistant


Likes:  Sunny days, long dog walks, all animals, Thai food


Dislikes: Dark wet days


Claim to fame: I have met David Essex



Miss Ashfield

Teacher - Willow Class and Senior Teacher


Likes:  Chocolate, cuddles, Marmite sandwiches, Autumn mornings


Dislikes:  Being cold, bananas, scary movies


Claim to fame:  I have a sausage dog




Mrs Vallins

Teacher - Sycamore Class


Likes:  Beach huts, Great British Bake Off, hot sunny days


Dislikes:  Rain, sad faces, creepy crawlies


Claim to fame: I have played headers with Kevin Keegan




Mrs Madagan
Teacher - Oak Class

Likes: Nicholas Lyndhurst, Denzel Washington, Coronation Street

Dislikes: Anything that slithers (including jelly!), exercise

Claim to fame: While working at the England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon I thought Ivan Lendl was a colleague queue barging so I told him to get in line like everyone else



Miss Johnson
Teacher - Chestnut Class and Senior Teacher

Likes: Reading , singing, dancing, Richard Gere

Dislikes: Rudeness

Claim to fame: I served Hilda Ogden when I was working in Richards



Mrs Fawbert

Teacher - Cherry Class


Likes: Sewing, chocolate, spending time with my family and friends


Dislikes: Too much talk on the radio


Claim to fame: My dad met the queen and I went to watch



Mrs Constable

Teacher - Cherry Class


Likes:  Reading, spiders, swimming, Chinese food and sewing


Dislikes:  Snakes, being cold and brussels sprouts


Claim to fame:  I did some synchronised swimming with Sharon Davies

Mrs Stephenson
Teacher - Sycamore Class

Likes: Jelly sweets, painted toenails and summer

Dislikes: Broad beans, scouring pads and shopping for clothes

Claim to fame: Michael Caine made me a cup of tea in his house



Miss Letchford

Teacher - Maple Class


Likes: Being warm and laughing


Dislikes:  Dogs and mushrooms


Claim to fame:  I have run two half marathons... which is technically a whole marathon!


Mrs Smith

Teacher - Oak & Maple Classes


Likes: Jaffa cakes, long walks on the beach


Dislikes: Slugs, frogs, grumpiness


Claim to fame:  Once, at an event, I chatted to and had to make small talk with Henry Kissinger.  And, I’m taller than he is!




Mrs Morgan
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Reading , knitting

Dislikes: Lemon meringue pie

Claim to fame:



Mrs Cuthbertson:
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Cooking, eating out with family

Dislikes: Bad manners

Claim to fame: I was taught French by Trevor Eve's mum



Mrs Dawe
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Gardening, reading, walking

Dislikes: Bad manners, swede

Claim to fame: I ran the 100 yards sprint for Warwickshire when I was in year 5



Mrs Hinks
Teaching Assistant

Likes: The seaside, gardens, taking photos

Dislikes: Baked beans, having cold feet

Claim to fame: I sat next to Geoff Capes and shook Glen Ross’s hand – they have both been Britain’s Strongest Man



Mrs Ormandy
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Laughing, having fun, dancing, 80’s pop music, rose wine, dolphin watching in Scotland

Dislikes: Bad manners, rudeness, bad drivers and seafood

Claim to fame: I saw the space shuttle launch from the Space Centre in Florida in 1994



Mrs Sorrell
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Cornwall, country walks, cooking

Dislikes: Busy shops, scary movies

Claim to fame: I am a teeny weenie bit related to Jason Orange from Take That



Mrs Saxunova

Teaching Assistant


Likes: Life and knowledge, baking, roses, thunder


Dislikes: Negativity, spite, litter


Claim to fame: I have visited 18 countries

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